Junior Boys Year 5 Informaton

Team Info: Year 5 (as per School Year)
Year 5 cricket is a participatory grade to encourage all players to enjoy their cricket and develop their skills.

Format: 24overs each team. Bat in pairs (6 overs/pair) bowl mininum of 2 overs.

Type of Game: Limited Over

Ball played with: (50oz/142gm) two piece leather

Hours of Play: 8.30am sharp to approx 12.30pm

Type of pitch: Artificial within the North Harbour Region

Selection: Same team every week

Equipment required: Takapuna Cricket provides all playing equipment [helmet, pads, bats, gloves plus wicket-keeping pads and gloves)

Clothing required: Takapuna District Cricket Club shirts can be purchased at Cricket Express, 5/59 Paul Mathews Road, Albany Ph: 09 415 8444 Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9:30am – 5:00pm   Other requirements are Club Shirt , long pants, box, and sports shoes.

Remember: Cricket is played in the sun and with NZ high rate of melanomas, please remember to wear your hat and sun screen and when not playing cricket sit in the shade. Sitting in the hot sun will only drain your energy. Take an umbrella to the game.

Practice: Once a week, usually at Onewa Domain, day & time will be dependent upon Coaches availability.

Rules: please click on the link below:

Takapuna Junior Cricket relies heavily on volunteer coaches and managers. We appreciate these people, who give their time.
If you are able to assist your child’s team in any way please do indicate this on your registration form.


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