Junior Boys Year 7 and 8 Afternoon Grade

Team Info: Year 7 and 8 Afternoon Grade (as per school year)
Afternoon grade afternoon cricket is premiership or rep style cricket, with some level of specialization coming in (batting/bowling/keeping/fielding etc.) and merit based batting and bowling orders.

Format: 40 overs each team for Year 7                 45 overs each team for Year 8

Type of Game: Limited overs

Ball played with: (5oz/142gm) ‘Red King’ two piece leather

Hours of Play: 12.40pm to approx 6.30pm

Type of pitch: Artificial

Selection: The afternoon team(s) will be selected by the coaches from those who apply based on previous achievements and pre-season trials. Thereafter the team will remain the same every week

Equipment required: All equipment is supplied by the Club

Practice: Once a week, usually at Onewa Domain, day & time will be dependent upon Coaches availability

Rules: please click on the link below:


When completing the online registration please indicate in the request Grade box either ‘Year 7 Afternoon’ or ‘Year 8 Afternoon’ depending on school year.


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