Junior Boys Information

We invite cricketers of all ages from School Years 1 through to Year 8.

Children are placed in grades that relate to their School Year. The grade that the player is placed in at the start of the season (in term 4) is the grade that the grade that players continue to play in after Christmas (in term 1) even though the child has moved up a year at school.


  • Friday Night Kookaburra Cup:  - Y1-Y2   (For Boys& Girls)  Skills Based Learning and Fun Games
  • Friday Night Kookaburra Cup:  - Y3-Y4   (For Boys& Girls)  Play a 90 Minute Game- 8 a side
  • Y5:               Development of skills – First Year Hardball Grade- (Everyone Bats and Bowls)
  • Y6                Second Year Hard Ball Y6.  (Your out your out)
  • Y7                Selection based teams.       (Morning or afternoon grades)
  • Y8 half season  – selection based teams. (Morning or afternoon grades) Play till Christmas

Special Requests for placement in a team:
Whilst every endeavor is made to fulfill requests for players to be placed in the same team this is not always possible. We do our best to accomodate requests

We make the teams up as follows:

1. Anyone that has volunteered to coach, we take their child and all their requests and put them into a team. The only exception to this is if they have requested a child that is too old for the grade. Players can play up a grade but not down. No exceptions.

2. We then fill these teams with the other children that are left.

So, as you can see those who volunteer their services are most likely to get their requests met.

Coaching is not as onerous a task as you may think, the club fully supports all coaches with coaching courses and our Coaching coordinator can give you help with coaching tips. Coaching is interesting, fun and rewarding and if you are going to be there you may as well be doing something. We also welcome volunteers to score and umpire each week, so if coaches want a week off, then others can step in to help.

Please consider when making a request that this is an excellent opportunity for you and your child to form friendships with people that you may not otherwise have met if your child had been placed in a team with players he or she is at school with everyday.


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